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System for villagers living without mains water



In Turkey, a considerable number of villagers live without water plumbing systems in their homes. They have to carry water from nearby fountains many times a day. AquaKit is an affordable and durable product system that improves the life standards of these people by addressing their needs of carrying, storing and using water. The system components are stackable containers, tap attachments, stands that elevate the containers to a proper height, a cart that enables a villager to carry up to six containers at a time, and funnel and hose adaptors that help villagers to easily refill the containers.

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WATER CONTAINER : Each container have 10 liters of water capacity. The material of the body is HDPE, and the container is manufactured with rotational molding. Each container have two handles for easy carriage and easy placement on the stand, a special lid that enables the tap to attach and detach easily, preventing water to spill if nothing is attached, and a lid enabling air to get inside the container, while it is being used with tap. The containers are white in colour, which enables the water level to be seen easily. Moreover, white reveals all the dirt, so user can spot any dirt easily. There is a yellow container for the toilet use. Water level can also be seen through it.


CARRYING CART : The cart is able to carry six containers at a single time. It is designed for the harsh conditions of the villages. It’s structure consists of steel pipes and steel sheet with mechanical joints, therefore it has a long lasting structure.The cart has two pneumatic tires, which supports the cart’s center of gravity. There are also plastic details on the handles and at the end of the pipes.

TAP: It can be attached to the lid of the container and simply turns the container to a flowing water resource. User can bend the hose of the tap easily, in order to control the place of the tap.

STAND: It is made of a single piece bended steel pipe. It enables user to place the container higher to get more effective use of water. It also provides an angle for the container, so that all the water goes towards the lid. Last but not least, the stand provides clean contact by adding a layer between the container and the counter or floor.

FUNNEL: It is a single piece molded PP part that can be screwed on the container. It enables easy filling for villages that get their water from well. Moreover, it can be also used to fill the container with hot water at home.

FILLING ATTACHMENT: It is a metal pipe that has tapered screw thread on the end. It has a side outlet for a hose and the flow of the water can be controlled by a valve. Every fountain will get one of these attachments. First the existing water tap is cut a screw thread and the attachment is connected to the tap. User can fill the containers with the help of the hose, instead of moving the containers one by one underneath of the tap.

AquaKit offers easy carrying, storing and using of water. With AquaKit, for a four people family, village needs to get water once a day, instead of eight times.

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