Poly is a smartphone controlled alarm clock that aims to help its user to regulate his/her sleeping cycle with a simple and effective way. It is shaped as an icosahedron which has 20 faces. Every morning, a random face keeps blinking with a random sound, until the user finds that face and puts Poly down on it. Poly can also warn the user that it is time to go to bed, in order to get enough sleep.





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Smart alarm clock




Interaction role play - Acting out interactions

1- After setting the alarm with a smart phone, Poly calmly reminds the user that it is time to go to bed, by blinking its random faces.

2- User can confirm that the alarm is set safely by simply touching Poly.

3- When it is alarm time, a random face of Poly starts to blink, and it makes sound.

4- User needs to find the blinking face and put the Poly down on it to turn off the alarm.

No Snoozing!

Poly is designed to  wake up the user on time without needing a snooze function, which is proved to be harmful for your health.

Using Arduino for the functional prototype.

Using augmented reality software to present the idea more effectively.

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