dark side

Interactive quadcopter game


Group project with:

Meric Dagli

Emre Caglar

Aslihan Tokat

Yavuz Paksoy

Pinar Simsek


Exhibitions & Press:

Sheeperd is an interactive outdoor game. The aim of the project was to build a DIY open source quadcopter and create an outdoor multiplayer game with it. Click the image below to visit the project process blog and reach the source codes!

Drone is  controlled by one player, while other players try to stay inside of the circle projected by the drone above with the help of a high power LED. If a player cannot stay in the circle for a total of 15 seconds, s/he loses the game.  After all players have been eliminated, the last player standing wins the game.

One of the main aims of the project was to learn Arduino platform, which was new to all of us. After gathering all required materials and parts, we started prototyping with Arduino and electronic components, while developing our algorithm and program for the game .

Here is a video of me successfully flying Sheeperd for the first time!

This project was my first experience with electronics / interactive prototyping, and it can be considered as a milestone. Enjoy some photos from the process!

Not all flights were successful


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